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Open 10.00-16.00

Little Folk Nursery Rhymes

10:00 AM

Bring the little ones to sing along to their favourite nursery rhymes, both the much-loved old ones and some upbeat, newer 'classics'. With some fun props and puppets to get your little ones involved.


Suitable ages: 'babes-in-arms' and upwards.


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Open 10.00-16.00


Open 10.00-16.00

Jam With Jo

11.30 am

Music and fun for babies and toddlers.


Singing and playing with teddies, percussion, props and more!


Please visit our Facebook page to check if Jam with Jo is happening this week!

Massage with Fiona

From 12pm

Have the cares of the world massaged away by Fiona Thompson


(Get in touch for more information and to discuss options.)

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